School’s Almost Over!

Hi, it’s hmsjenny here, today I am going to be talking about how the school is almost over!

My school, Honwanji Mission School, has about 2-3 weeks left. I am really excited. The last three days of school is going to be really fun, and kind of sad. The fun part is that we have Undokai. Undokai is like Field Day, except we have to dance to a song called the U.S.A. Also, we have a half day on the last day of school, which is exciting. The sad part is that on the second to last day of school, we won’t see the eight graders anymore because they graduate on that day. Another sad thing is that we might not see our friends because some of them are going to another school.

My parents signed me and Leilani up for summer school. I am pretty sure I’m taking Language Arts and Math. I remember last year’s summer school, Dr. Wong was our Language Arts teacher and Mr. Lim was our Math teacher. I wonder who’s going to be our summer school teachers this year. My dad only signed us up for a half day, which means we leave at 11:30 A.M. That means we get the whole day to ourselves when we leave summer school. I am really excited, and Jojo is also taking a half day with us, maybe we could hang out after that.

We were planning to go back to Thailand this summer, but we couldn’t because Leilani and I need to save money for the JST, Japan Study Tour. Our mom said that maybe next summer we could go because we don’t have to worry about saving money to go on a tour for school. Fern says that she doesn’t want to go back to Thailand because of how long the plane ride is. She always throws up on the plane, and my mom always helps her. Whenever we travel with family, Fern and Leilani always sit with our mom because they get motion sick, and I sit with my cousins, aunt, uncle, or grandma, but that doesn’t bother me.

Well, that’s all for today. What do you and your family do during the summer? Bye


Trimester Three Portfolio

Hi, it’s hmsjenny here, today I am going to be showing you my Trimester Three Portfolio.

My first best work of the third trimester is when I a 98% on Arithmetic Speed drill. I don’t have a picture of when I got that 98% because I didn’t think I would need it, and it doesn’t save for you. You are racing against time, there are multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division. You have to solve it has possible without using paper. It’s all in your head. We got 300 seconds to do it, and I got a score of 105 I am pretty sure. Here is a picture of what it looks like if you want to try it sometimes.


My next best thing in the third trimester was when we had to do a business project in Social Studies. My partner was Shayann. We were doing Rootbeer Floats, and a Grab and Go. We printed out logos and everything. It was really fun. We had a long line when our business opened. Our business was rated the best taste and best price out of the other businesses. We made a lot of money, well fake money. It was kind of messy, but we had time to clean up when there weren’t many people around our booth. These are pictures from the business project!

Pictures by me



My next best thing in the third trimester was when I got 100% on the IXLs in Language Arts. Those tests were pretty hard and took me a while to do, but I got 100%. I was really relieved and happy that I got 100% on those because I had plans to turn my Language Arts grade into at least a B+ by the end of the year. Right now I have a B, which is pretty good.

Well, that’s all for today, what are some of your best achievements this past year?


Spirit Week

Hi, it’s hmsjenny here, today I am going to be talking about spirit week.

Spirit week is a thing that Hongwanji Mission School does for fun. We do this because it’s just to let loose and see what people have in mind for that particular subject, also to show our HMS Pride. The student council makes the ideas for spirit week. They then ask the grade levels on what they think about it and can also ask them what other ideas they can think of. My classmates have great and wild ideas for spirit week, but we usually don’t do it. The little kids usually go all out for spirit week, but the middle school doesn’t have much spirit. They do participate in spirit week though.

Monday was HMS Day. We had to wear any HMS shirt or outfit that we have. It could be a PE shirt too. Any shirt that deals with HMS. Tuesday was Tidepool Day. We had to wear our swim stuff, but we couldn’t wear our swimsuits or slippers. Some of my classmates brought their goggles to show people that they were in the school spirit. That was a pretty good idea. Wednesday was Aloha Day. We had to wear Aloha themed outfits. I didn’t have any aloha themed outfits. I saw a lot of teachers wearing aloha shirts and lays. Thursday is going to be Tacky Hair Day. We have to come to school with messy hair. I am pretty sure a lot of my classmates are going to show up with their hair all messy and all. Friday is going to be Sports Day. We have to wear any sports clothes we have. I’m just going to wear my PE shirt because I don’t have a lot of sports clothing in my closet. I don’t really do a lot of sports.

Every year they have new ideas for spirit week. Almost every year, we have a sports day, which I’m not a big fan of, but most people are. I am excited to see what ideas the student council has next year. Next year is going to be my last year here because this school only goes up to 8th grade. So I want to try and do my best to try to match the theme for spirit week. I am going to miss spirit week once I leave, but hopefully, HMS continues to have great ideas for spirit week. What tradition does your school do for fun?

Well, that’s it for today, bye!


My Three Day Weekend

Hi, it’s hmsjenny here, today I am going to be talking about my three day weekend with my family.

Saturday, me and my family went out to eat at Yanagi Sushi later in the night. We all went to eat there together because our grandma is going back to Thailand on Tuesday, and Yanagi Sushi closes early on Sundays. We got seated early, but the food came pretty late. We talked about funny things that had happened and work. The food was really good and we ordered a lot. It was pretty expensive. Our uncle didn’t know that we didn’t have to give them tips, he was confused for a little bit. We got seated quickly because there weren’t that many customers, but there were enough to look like the place was full.

Leilani and I also went to Carousel Candyland to get lots of candy. We got our own bags and filled them up. I didn’t get a lot of different things, just only Sour Patch, Rock Candy, and Chocolate. We also got Dippin Dots. I got Rainbow flavored and Leilani got Cookies n’ Cream flavored. It was really good and really cold. We went to Jean’s Warehouse because our grandma had to buy some things for our aunties. Leilani and I got shirts too. Fern was going to buy a shirt, but it showed a lot of skin and our dad was not going to like it. We walked around the mall some more. There wasn’t a lot of things to look at because there weren’t that many stores to go to.

We then went to the Food Market. It was really cold in there and had a lot of people. We saw cute cakes that were big and even had mini cakes. The design was really cute and fancy. There were cupcakes, cookies, and even brownies. We passed by a stand that had extremely big bread. That was probably one of the biggest bread I’ve ever seen. We didn’t buy anything from there because we just went in there to look around. While we were leaving, our uncle almost left Fern and Leilani behind. So I ran back in to get them and luckily, he and our grandma were waiting outside. Later, we went to the Unicorn Cafe, our aunt’s restaurant. We had bought drinks and went back home. It was a really great day today. How would you describe your great day?

Well, that’s all for today, bye


Learning Showcase

Hi, it’s hmsjenny here, today, I am going to talk about the Learning Showcase we had at school.

We talked about our OPIHI Field Trip. We separated into the groups that we had during the actual trip. Ryden, David, and I chose to do the Sampling Activity. We made the desks look like nice and put the supplies we need on the table. There was a slideshow of the OPIHI Field Trip cast on the TV for the parents to see what it was like since they couldn’t be there. There was a lot of pictures of Jojo, and there was a lot of funny pictures. There were only about five parents there.

Our group had to talk about pizzas, M & Ms, quadrat point-intercepts, measuring, and data. David talked about Pizza, Ryden talked about quadrat point-intercepts and measuring, and I talked about data, we didn’t have the paper for M & Ms, so we didn’t do it. While no parents came to our booth, we were looking at the slideshow. Only about four out of five parents came to our booth. We originally were going to do Algae, but another group took it, so we had to do Sampling, which was also pretty fun.

Then, Mari, Kailey, Shayann, Leilani, Chloe, and I had to go to Taiko to perform for the parents. For the first half, we got to teach them, then we got to play a song for them called Together. That was our first performance ever. Later, we had a choice elective, so we stayed in Taiko. We asked Jay Sensei if we can eat our ice cream because we never got to eat it, and he said yes. So we ate ice cream outside the Dojo. For the rest of the time, we had a free play which was really fun. What do you do in your learning showcase?

Well, that’s all for today, bye


Opihi Field Trip

Hi, it’s hmsjenny here, today I am going to talk about the Opihi Field Trip that we had at school.

The Opihi is about studying the intertidal and the algae. We went to Sand Island, there was a lot of rocks and we only went knee deep. Some of us went a little more because we had to. We are separated into 6 different groups. I was with David and Ryden. I was the data recorder, Ryden was the data collecter, and David was wave watcher. Ryden was going too fast I couldn’t really keep up because I had to erase a lot of things. It was really fun and tiring because we had to make sure not to fall into the water and get cuts.

We struggled the first few minutes because everyone took the long tape measures and we got the last pick, but it only went up the 17 meters. So we got two tape measures. We found different types of algae, but there was a lot of the same ones. David went on the sand because he had a cut and it stung, so it was just me and Ryden. We needed help so we called Shayann over to help us. We didn’t finish on time because we didn’t have enough supplies. Most of the other groups finished, but some groups didn’t finish too. We had to leave and we got on the bus. I was uncomfortable because my pants were wet and the seat would be wet too.

We made it back to school. We had to wash the supplies and our reef shoes. Then, we got to wear slippers for a while and ate snacks. There was Gogo Squeez and Rice Krispy. Then, we got to take a shower in the girl’s locker room, I felt really refreshed. We reviewed what we got on our data sheets when we returned to class. My group couldn’t really understand the second sheet because it has blanks spot and spot that are filled in. Have you ever been to the intertidal?

Well, that’s all for today, bye


5 Feet Apart

Hi, it’s hmsjenny here, today I am going to talk about the movie, 5 Feet Apart.

I went to go watch this movie on Sunday with my friends, Leilani, Mari, Jojo, and Shayann at Ward Theaters. Kailey and Chloe couldn’t make it because Chloe had Taiko practice and Kailey had baseball practice. We all met up in front of the theaters, Shayann came right before we went into the movies. Leilani and I’s mom had to be there with us to watch us because there was no other adult that was going. We ordered a large size popcorn because we all were sharing and knew we couldn’t finish all if we ordered separate popcorns. We each got Icey and filled it up to the top.

The movie was about a girl named Stella who has Cystic Fibrosis. Everyone with this condition has to stay at least 6 feet about from each other because they might catch each other’s germs. She has a best friend named Poe who also has the same condition. She later then meets a guy named Will who has Cystic Fibrosis. Stella and Will start hanging out with each other a lot. Will then turns 18 and has to leave the hospital because he’s grown up and has to take care of himself. Poe then dies, and Stella is really upset and starts throwing everything on the floor. Later, Stella and Will go for a long walk to see the lights, Stella accidentally falls into the lake and start drowning. Will then saves her and gives her mouth to mouth to save her life. They then end up in the hospital and Stella gets new lungs. In the end, Will gives Stella a sketchbook of what Will drew when they were together, Will then leaves Stella in the hospital.

Leilani, Shayann, Mari, and Jojo all cried because Poed died. It was really sad. Shayann had to leave towards the middle-end of the movie because of rehearsal. At the very end of the movie, where Will leaves Stella, Leilani, Jojo, and Mari cried a lot. I felt bad, but I can’t blame them, the movie was really sad. There were a lot of kids watching the movie, there were these girls who ask us if anyone was sitting next to us, we said no and they decided to sit there. I am pretty sure those girls snuck into the movies because they had to know where they were sitting. They even sat in our row before the movie started, but moved when they saw us and knew they were in the wrong row. Besides all that, I would definitely watch 5 Feet Apart again. Would you watch it?

Well, that’s all for today, bye


Baking With Friends

Hi, it’s hmsjenny here, today I am going to be talking about baking with my friends.

We are going to do a baking contest with our friends. Jojo, Shayann, and I are going to be one team. Leilani, Mari, and Chloe are going to be another team. Kailey’s the judge, she wants to be the judge because that means she gets to be the first one to taste it. We are all going to be making a Strawberry cake because Jojo doesn’t like chocolate. Everyone else loves chocolate, but since it is Jojo’s sleepover, we’re going to make strawberry. We only get about 3 hours to bake it and have to make it from scratch.

It’s going to be really hard. A lot of us are not well experienced with baking, and might not have enough materials for baking, but Jojo’s parents are great at baking and cooking and have enough. We have to watch a Youtube video for guidance and we all have to bake the same cake. We have a time limit because it’ll take forever, but we want the cake to not be underbaked or it won’t taste good. Shayann and Kailey are coming later because they have other plans they need to attend first.

I really hope the cake taste good because we’re not professionals. I just hope that the cake isn’t underbake for Kailey because then she will have a sore stomach for the rest of the time. Jojo has a big kitchen and her parent just finished it not too long ago. she has shown it to us, but it wasn’t a really clear picture of it. Jojo said that she has two stoves, so that’s perfect because there are two teams and it won’t take a long time, plus we have to wait until the cake is cooled down and is ready for decorating.

Well, that’s it for today, what kind of cake do you like? Bye.


Sleepover With Friends

Hi, it’s hmsjenny here, today, I am going to be talking about my sleepover with my friends.

We are planning to have on in Spring Break. My friend Jojo, is inviting me, Leilani, Kailey, Shayann, Mari, and Chloe. She lives in Kailua, which is about an hour drive. I am really excited to go. We have been planning this sleepover for a really long time. We had one during Winter break at my house. We are having another one at Jojo’s house. This is my first time going to her house. She has two dogs, I have three dogs, so I will be used to her dogs. We are staying for two days and one night, we were going to have a two-night sleepover, but Jojo’s dad said that it was probably going to be boring after the first day.

Were going to Jojo’s house around 11:00 or 11:30. Shayann and Kailey are coming around 5:00 PM. They are going to miss most of it, but we still have a lot of plans during the night. Before they come, we are going to the beach, and we are going to the mall. Chloe may or may not come to the beach with us, but she is going to go to the mall with us. Jojo has two bathrooms, Kailey, Leilani, and I are taking a shower in Jojo’s bathroom because it’s small, and Mari, Jojo, Chloe, and Shayann are going to shower in the bigger bathroom. We are also going to do the nail challenge, we have to wear long nails for the day, I think it’s going to be very hard.

We are also going to be doing challenges. Shayann has come up with great challenge idea that we can do during the sleepover, but we don’t know if we can do all of it because some people are coming late in the and it’ll be almost night time. I don’t really know how late we’re going to be staying up till, but probably when I get really tired, I’m going to bed. Jojo said that not everyone is going to sleeping in the same room, some people might have to sleep in the living room and some in her bedroom, but everyone wants to sleep in the same room because her house is kind of scary. But, after all, I just want to have a great time there.

This is a picture of Kailua’s beach.

Well, that’s all for today, what are you going to be doing during Spring Break? Bye.


The Keiai Visit

Hi, it’s hmsjenny here, today I am going to talk about my keiai visit. It was really fun, my pen pals had such a fun time in Hawaii. I had two pen pals, but there wasn’t enough room because my sister, Leilani, is also hosting.

My pen pals names were Anon and Yuuna. One was in 8th grade and the other was in 9th grade. They were really nice. On the first day of their visit, had many activities planned for them. First, we had a show for them in the Social Hall, then we showed them a Taiko Performance that some of the Hongwanji Mission School kids did. They messed up a few times and the keiai loved it. Then, we all went to the green space to take a picture with everyone. We had rotation groups, I was in group Orange. We had so much fun, I think my group got the most fun activities. Then, at the end of the day, we took our pen pals home. We let them play with our dogs, they really enjoyed it. Later in the night, we took them to Big City Diner. they both ate their burgers whole.

On the second day, the whole middle school took them to Sealife Park. We had a really fun time. We saw turtles, dolphins, sharks, and more. We went into the birdcage, except for my pen pals because they didn’t want to go in. I got two birds. I was really scared if they pooped on me. Later on, we took a snack break. I got some Dip’n Dots Rainbow Flavored. Those were really good. After school, we took our pen pals to Ala Moana Mall along with Jojo and her pen pals. Mari came along too. We had a lot of fun, except for that one time were Jojo and Mari decided to play a prank on us. After that, we went home and took our pen pals to New Eagle Cafe, I’ve never been there before so it was a new experience for me as well. Our pen pals ordered the same thing, they didn’t really eat all, but that was okay. That was the last night they were staying at our house. It was really sad so we tried to make the best of it.

Wednesday came and that was the day they had to go. We all went to the Social Hall and just stayed there until our keiai’s bus arrived. While we were there, the teachers bought some bread to share with all the students. All the bread was gone when everyone took it. While we were eating, Mrs. Young played a slideshow of the past two days. It was funny and sad. Then, she showed some pictures which were kind of the same as the slideshow. Then, it was time. Our pen pals had to go because the bus was here. Some people cried just saying bye to them. Shayann cried a lot. Then, after the pen pals left, we played Twister. It was really fun. We also did the 2nd-trimester awards. Leilani, Shayann, Kailey, Mari and I all got honor roll.

Well that’s all for today, bye